Lynis Gateway

Believe it or not a easier barrier of entry into tech is with this security tool. You can start a journey into tech by running this program. "sudo ./lynis audit system". This command will output a number of security concerns and give you an overall idea where your system may be lacking. You can easily ask google, for he is indeed your friend. Look it up and read about it. Then maybe do the edit and make the change. After a few changes you can run the audit again and your hardening index should increase. This will teach your how to harden your system from attack.

To learn such a thing is a valuable skill to have in the world of tech. Develop and find out what raises the number the fastest and go with it. Even to include separating your file system to different partitions can help with that index number. You may need to install files and various programs. There is a website associated with Lynis, and I will share it with you towards the end. I still want to tell you how awesome this is program is that I came across. Lynis is very unique in that it will suggest other programs like ClamAV, which is an anti virus, and I should do a piece on ClamAV.

I could go on and tell you all the wonderful thing about Lynis, but that would ruin the surprise. So I am going to tell you this. You should always have a scan program for your system. There are many bad actors and they all want what you got. So this tool can benefit everybody and it has a free version. The idea here is to share with the curious how to get involved with security. Here in the future we will have a need for many to come forward and usher in a generation of cyber professionals. There are already jobs needing people to fill them. You can learn a little something and prepare for the future. Lynis makes it easy to learn just by following the suggestions.

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