Little projects!

I finally broke into my laptop and upgraded my RAM. I had 1 4GB stick and I went up to 2 16GB sticks. I have noticed a difference in that I can watch 4 videos on YouTube at the same time. Though it is not required, it is fun to watch 4 videos at once when you are used to 1 just barely loading. You can see a tremendous difference. My next project upgrading my distro from the terminal & to create a persistent USB drive.

My next project went smashingly. I was able to create a persistent USB drive with directions I acquired from In the beginning, I forgot and restarted without persistence. I had to start over again. I started over like 3 times before I got it right. I was able to learn a lesson. So now I am on a war path to upgrade all my distributions and update all my files. So I can better be current with the latest security patches. Even though Lunar Lobster support ends in January of 2024.

Once I upgrade all my ISO files to the current releases. All the USB drives need the latest release. Like I had to do in the creation of my persistent USB drive. When I can, I will smash into my Raspberry Pi and update its version of Kali. Again to mention the security updates and all associated patches. This is the immediate benefit of updating your versions. There is always the option to hang back a version and go with the LTS. There is no shame in that game at all. I have used kinetic kudu before and was mighty pleased with how it ran.

This persistent USB drive is also encrypted. So there is an allure to having done it. Soon I will have a Yubi key. If you don't have one, you should get one. It is tied to a domain or it can be the only factor to make your device/laptop work. It is the future of security. We should look into what is coming for our knowledge base. Check into the trends that are appearing in today's culture.

To follow up with the support aspect of this venture. I should be able to revert to the Jammy or LTS version if no support for lunar is available past JAN 2024. This is not to much of a hassle seeing as the steps are similar to updating from jammy to lunar. I am about to take the journey. When I reboot, I will reboot into Lunar Lobster from Jammy Jellyfish.

Technology is fun.

Technology is real.

Rock On!!!