First 3 Weeks Traveling Abroad. "IRELAND"

I left the states late 2007. I quit my job to buy a plane ticket to move me and 120lbs of stuff with the idea of settling. Future note its a lot harder than you would think if you don't have some way to make money. So when I landed it was Jan. 1, 2008. Dark and stormy was the night, and I had arrived in Dublin. I took the red eye and it was about 16hrs total flight time, we made stop. I found a hostel that accepted US Dollars so I slept there that night. They only did that for me because it was at night. They did show me where to change my money into Euros. So I did and I stayed for about 2 weeks, got a lay of the land, found a map, and asked about areas just out side the city. I was getting my bearings, you want to do this when you move to any new city. It also might be awesome if you studied map prior to travel. Which is the best way I think. At the time I did not really know what was best, so I took 2 weeks to orient before I moved on.

So while in the city, I made known of my intentions to travel around Ireland. They didn't seem to mind however. If Americans travel in Europe, it is implied you have money. Paupers do not travel, don't be a pauper. If you do travel in another country, be as less of a burden than you have to upon your host country. Once again traveling implies you have money. When traveling abroad leave no trace is the proper value to uphold. There is a standard for legitimate travelers. It's not what you see the rest of the homeless people doing either. When I was in Ireland. I was with out proper shelter on and off for a large portion of my visit. However, I was involved with the community on several projects. One I can't talk about, and the other was at the Hill of Tara in County Meath. I had the idea to experience Ireland and want to study the rich culture that was availed to my upon my arrival. I wanted to know how the ancient Celts felt in the structures they built out in the elements. It was a primal adventure. I did end up moving into an apartment later and finishing my trip. I did meet people along the way who were genuine and caring and gave me food, showers, and shelter for the night. Here and there. I told my story and got positive feedback.

Back in the city, right before I was to leave I had been orientating myself with the history of the provinces of Ireland. Meath was the city in which the High King sat to hold council with the other 4 kings of the other provinces of Ireland. So in getting this information I high tailed it to the Hill of Tara. The people in the city told me that Meath had standing stones, which is a big deal. Such a big deal that it was proclaimed a magical or mystical site to most of the population in Ireland. So I went. I traveled by bus, and took the last bus into the night like a madman, giggling to myself the whole way. When I got there, the bus driver pointed to a road and said go that way. Then smiled and said off you go. So as I hopped off this bus t was raining lightly. I had about 75lbs of gear now. I had sold off books and other stuff for some food. I did have a rain poncho I got at a store. Was not what I needed at all. On my merry way I went. As I got closer to the site 15 min of walking. The rain started to pick up fatter drops at a higher rate. Plus a little wind was kicking in. So I went a little faster for I thought I saw a shelter. When I arrived to that place for shelter it was indeed a shadow. Which was hilarious for there was no overhang. I looked up in the sky for mercy, there wasn't a cloud in the sky and I could see all the stars.

When traveling you should always have a back story. I really shouldn't be a lie unless your on some secret mission. What I did was actually go to Ireland to learn about its culture and language. So when I incorporated this into my story people did not mind filling me with a wealth of knowledge. They also help me to learn Gaelic. I was there to study magic and to learn of my own heritage. I used this because it was what my intentions were. People in general can detect sincerity. If you are sincere in you word and deed your honor will go further. So as a student of Irish culture, I learned to play the whistle, Irish drum called a Bodhran, and speak a couple words in Gaelic. As I progressed in my journey, I used what I learned previously to gain famous points. On top of me going around and doing magic, I had a full schedule. I also learned to juggle, and poi while I was there. I was making friends all over. I went to learn and learn I did. The locals were impressed with my learning Gaelic. It helped out in the long run, and kept me from being arrested only once. They were looking for an American. But I spoke Gaelic. We were all protesters, and we all spoke Gaelic. MUAHAHAAA

So I looked up to see all the stars. Looked back down the ground was wet the road I was on had gotten muddy. There was a chill in the wind, dreadful. So I walked into the darkness and heard music. I walked closer as the music stopped all of a sudden and drums followed. To myself I thought, these are my people. I passed a house with a man standing out smoking a cigarette. He asked how I got so wet and was there rain? I said yeah, then it vanished all of a sudden. He said yep, it happens I been waiting for rain for a week. Now there was a storm less than 100 yards from where this house was, he had been waiting a week. The dirt was dusty in his yard. He said the news forecast it will be heavy rains. I was just in a medium storm. Nothing made since. So I said its coming. He asked if I was one of the protesters. Not knowing what that meant. I said yes. He smiled and pointed me in the direction of the camp. It was another 200 yards away or so. Through an open field. I got sent to the middle of a giant field. As I approached the camp the big rain found me. I looked up and lighting thunderclouds, nightmarish. All this weather in the span of 90 minutes.

I called out yee to the camp. I was met with response and to come in out of the rain. I talked with the elder of the camp. He and the others were turning in for the night. He invited me to sleep and we would talk in the morning. So I went to sleep rain and all, and when awoke I was at the Hill of Tara in County Meath. There were more than I met the previous night. More came and were like. This is our cause, your with us, or against us. I was with it, because I am a sucker for adventure. We were on a peaceful protest to slow down the establishment of a highway. This particular highway was the M3. It was going straight down the middle of a site with millions of euros worth of artifacts, and historical documents. These places were under ground and were made by earlier tribes to house gold and riches and jewels. We were trying to work with a museum to save all of that which we could. In the following months I would go back and forth and all over to perform magic and take back donations to bring awareness to the cause. It was a good cause and I met a lot of good people.